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My name is Marek Fajkus but I go with turbo_MaCk online for silly reasons.
I was born in 1990 and I live in Brno, Czech Republic, the only city which is also a joke.
I work as a software engineering @Holmusk and occasionally write about my experience on this blog. My primary focus is on web development and functional programming even though I enjoy hacking on any type of stuff, including lower level programming and build systems.

I'm also a big fan of music and "post-punk/alternative" genres like math-rock, post-rock and post-hardcore in particular.

I'm not available for hire.

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I spend most of my day hacking on GitHub or complaining about software on Twitter.
In case you want to say hi or send me some spam I'm using email marek.faj@gmail.com.
Thanks in advance for all the spam.


This is my PGP key and my Keybase.io profile.

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